The different landscapes and stories surrounding all routes Camino de Santiago have played a role renovadora meeting, Illustrating a lot of writers and other personalities who have joined its route.

There is a lot of books that recount the experience after the pilgrimage, but you know what these books, we will present some of them based on the stories of the road.

#Bueno, Me Largo - Hape Kerkeling

During the days of June, Kerkeling, German presenter and humorist decided to join the road experience, after 6 weeks tells the story about his experience, giving life to this autobiography.

#Pilgrims stories by the Camino de Santiago - José González Torices

The author has collected several stories about the Way, although a couple of them recounts the religious experience lived in the Easter, opening the imagination for those who wish to know the best of Camino.

#Pilgrim's Codex - José Luis Corral

Tells the story of a couple of international art dealers, hired by an eccentric billionaire to steal the Codex Calixtinus which is heavily guarded and kept in the Cathedral of Santiago.

#Pilgrimage - Paulo Coelho

The author recounts the experience of traveling the path of a dystopian way. Tells the story of an apprentice magician who after falling into disgrace, He is sent by his master to make the way with his spiritual guide.

#Soul of the Stones - Paloma Sánchez Garnica

This novel with historical narrative has the discovery of the tomb of St. James, fact that leads to the creation Iocus Sancti Jacobi. The story unfolds much later when, Mabilia, gradually discovers the source of this discovery.

#James - Matilde Asensi

He tells the story of a former knight, Born Galcerán who by order of Pope joins the path in search of all information concerning the Templars, and discover clues that can bring their treasure.

#Foreign - Matilde Asensi

It is the continuation of the previous story, but this stars the son of Galceran, Jonah Born. Who, after witnessing episodes of misconduct by his son, asks the Way to discover knowledge and wisdom to be taken to be a better gentleman.

#My shadow on the road - Fernando Fraga López

The author is a renowned professor of drawing at the University of La Coruña, after his pilgrimage to the French way 2009, plasma expertise in the form of drawings where creatively recounts his experiences during the tour.

#Endrin and secrecy Pilgrim - Concha Lopez Narvaez

If you want to induce young people to learn about the way, this story is located on the route leading from the Pyrenees to Santiago de Galicia. endrina, after meeting a couple of pilgrims who sought help, hand tends accompanying them on a thrilling adventure.

#Star Peregrina - Angeles de Irisarri

Recounts the pilgrimage of a countess of Brittany French, which together with an entourage of people discover the lifestyle and customs of society in the Middle Ages, through the load rich characters presented along Hajj.

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