¿Te animas a hacer el Camino de Santiago?

Thousand and one ways to make the Camino de Santiago Camino de Santiago is the purpose for this new year that began only a few months ago,,es,Is..,,es? ¡Bien! Pues hoy os traemos una breve recopilación con todos los detalles que tienes que tener en cuenta ¡Empezamos! ¿Es...

More of,,es,Compostelas has been distributed during this Easter,,es,According to data from the Office of the Peregrino,,es,in the,,es,days of the recently concluded Easter,,es,They were delivered to the office in Santiago de Compostela to,,es,compostelas,,en,This past Easter has been presented with very positive levels of affluence in the Camino de Santiago,,es,the predicted increase,,es,ultimately resulting in a record in the number of pilgrimages,,es,reaching the total of more than,,es,Saturday,,es,April,,es,the number of pilgrims determined to make the road to Santiago at Easter was,,es,Sunday increasing figures of nine,,es,Such amount almost,,es,people who received Compostela during the months of January and February,,es 10.000 compostelas se ha repartido durante esta Semana Santa

Según los datos de la Oficina del Peregrino, en los 7 días de la recién concluida Semana Santa de 2017, se entregaron en la oficina en Santiago de Compostela hasta 10.041 Compostelas This past Easter has been presented with very positive levels of affluence ..,es.

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