Performs the Camino de Santiago with the smallest of the house


The Camino de Santiago is an enriching and extraordinary experience that is suitable for all, from the smallest and seniors, Even pets. There is no doubt that undertake the tour of the beautiful routes leading to Santiago de Compostela is a magical experience to live in family and company.

If you're thinking about joining the adventure and take young children, do not worry, it's possible. Nevertheless, you should consider some tips so that everyone can enjoy this experience without any inconvenience.

What is the recommended age to walk the Camino de Santiago?

While, It is perfect for all ages, it is recommended that children are older than three years, because in case of small babies would be extremely uncomfortable for them and their parents. Likewise, If your child is under 7 years, Ideally, a child's wagon can carry mountain, so you can rest at times when you start feeling exhausted.

Preparation before tour

In the same way as adults, the children also need to be prepared to be fit for the journey and it is not affected your fitness. The ideal is that, at least two months before the trip, they can follow these tips:

  • Make mountain excursions and hiking, go looking for similar grounds to those who find the journey. You can start with short expeditions, and gradually increasing the duration, in this way will small resistance testing.
  • previously used shoes that will lead to the trip, so that they can be tailored to shoe.

If your small carry bag, also is key to plan the route and rest:

  • Choose short stages, which do not require such long walks. The last stretch of the French Way is perfect, thanks to the number of shelters and services available, In addition to ease of field.
  • Reservations early in hostels or shelters where rest to make sure to have a place to stay overnight when.

What to do during the trip?

  • For every hour hike, Let your little rest at least 10 minutes. Take advantage of these stops to be hydrated and consume juices, fruit or energy bars that allow you to recover from the effort.
  • Go to your step, recalls that the road is not a race, so be sure to walk to the beat of your little, taking time to enjoy the scenery.
  • Walk in the morning, thus you escape exposed to high temperatures during the afternoon.

Planning plays a key role in the success of the experience. Take your time to investigate everything possible about the route you will choose, and prepare to enjoy an experience that will change your life.

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