The Camino de Santiago suitable for everyone


The Camino de Santiago is one of the most famous pilgrimages in the world. One of the main reasons is that there are many routes and roads to reach the city of Santiago de Compostela. By having several possibilities of travel, it becomes an ideal experience for everyone, children, youth and seniors.

There are several routes, so the pilgrim is the one who can choose which path to take, few steps from where to go and start their pilgrimage. some tours, as the Camino Primitivo difficult terrain have recommended for people with high fitness. But there are many other ideal choices for seniors and children.

El Camino Portugués

It is one of the most famous, largely because of the ease of travel, because the terrain slopes and just makes life easier pilgrimage. Likewise, the Portuguese Way offers a variety of services available along the entire route, This allows easily find water and food without having to carry in your backpack.

This road starts in Lisbon, Nevertheless, Some pilgrims choose to start on the border with Portugal, more specifically in the town of Tui. The route from here to Santiago de Compostela is only 116 km.

The French Way

The French Way is the most popular with pilgrims from around the world and has several starting points, one of them from Sarria. The total kilometers to go from this location to the finish, Santiago de Compostela, es de 115 km.

In the same way that the Portuguese Way, on this route you will find a wide variety of services ranging from hostels and hotels to ATMs to get cash.

North Road

It is the route most history and in recent years has taken more booming thanks to the services offered to pilgrims. It has a variety of accommodation options, ideal for seniors who need to find a good shelter to rest.

The stunning beauty of the course adds to the reasons for choosing this route as a means of reaching the city of Santiago. The starting point is usually from Irun, but for older people is recommended starting Villalba, a beautiful town that is 117 km goal.

As you can see, There are several possibilities of routes to reach Santiago if you do not have the necessary physical condition for long journeys. The key is good planning, so choose the best starting point.

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