Maragato Cooked dishes as one of the Camino de Santiago


This original recipe from the region of Castilla and León was born of workers in the field to regain energy after a hard day of work. He went from being a typical dish in the winter season, to the extreme cold, become a tradition.

It's a meal that left the camp routine to popularize throughout the Spanish territory, and it is one of the most demanded by pilgrims Galician dishes doing the Camino de Santiago.

Cocido Maragato history

It originated in the province of León, in the town of Maragatería, where the cold is part of the daily lives of its inhabitants. This stew has a tradition and maximum enjoyment must do so in a very particular way.

The most popular way to eat this stew is split, It begins with meats, then vegetables and chickpeas and finally, Soup. Even a popular saying was born this dish "of something left over, that on the broth ".

What do I need to make a Cocido Maragato?

The first, It is not a difficult dish to prepare, but you must have the necessary ingredients. This is done with different meats, vegetables and grains such as chickpeas. Although you should be careful during preparation.


  • 1 onion
  • ½ Repollo
  • 400 gr Chickpeas
  • Noodles taste
  • 3 potatoes
  • 2 beef bones
  • 150 gr bacon
  • 3 chorizos

You need approximately ½ kilo of meat following:

  • Blood sausage
  • Face shield or pig ears
  • Pork Rib or Res
  • laconically
  • Chicken

Do not forget the stuffing

  • 150 gr stale bread ground
  • 50 Sausage gr broth
  • 50 gr Chorizo
  • Olive oil
  • 1 garlic clove
  • Parsley to taste


Once you do with all the ingredients, just start the process is to start doing your Cocido Maragato.

  1. Soaking the beans with enough water from the previous night. The next day, introduces the meat and chickpeas in a pressure cooker, recalls submerging in water without cover pot still.
  2. Before putting the lid to the pot, wait water from boiling state. Reduce heat just starts beeping, in some instances the timing is 30 me, but it is relative depending on the type of pressure cooker you use. To do it in a pan, one should expect soften chickpeas.
  3. In the meantime,,es,The Jacobean Route sets a new record attendance after rising in,,es,lath maximum number of pilgrims in one year,,es,The cake Compostela a loan from the Cathedral of Santiago document which certifies that the pilgrim has traveled more than,,es,kilometers to the city of Santiago de Compostela,,es,Forecasts managed by the Xunta de Galicia were increased between,,es,increase in the numbers of the Jacobean pilgrimage routes,,es,due to which,,es,along with the progressive increase in these years,,es,the Galician regional government will invest one million euros to maintain infrastructure,,es,in good condition,,es, In another pot mounted onion and peeled potatoes with cabbage. Besides begins preparing sausages, chorizo, bacon, Chicken and ribs, keep it 30 minutes until meat and vegetables are ready.
  4. Once ready and tested the level of salt to taste, you mix all in one pan then let stand in refrigerator overnight, everything will be in order if the fat accumulates on the surface.
  5. In the soup, You can prepare the noodles to adopt the taste of the broth. While in a bowl add the parsley, finely chopped garlic and bread crumbs with chorizo ​​and black pudding preparation, also coarsely chopped, And you'll be starting with the preparation of the filling.
  6. Agrégale prepared to fill the beaten eggs and let stand for 10 minutes so that the broth assimilates. Prepare a pan with olive oil and takes lots of padding to start fry until golden color take a.
  7. Once ready all, you must separate the vegetables and chickpeas, meat and soup in different sources. Filling it can add to the soup source.

Once ready the procedure of Cocido Maragato, It only remains to continue the tradition and indulge in this typical dish of Spanish cuisine.

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