The shell is one of the most representative icons of the Camino de Santiago, its origins remain uncertain due to the number of stories and legends that relate to the culture of romerías.

It has long been one of the representative images of the pilgrimage to the Cathedral of Santiago. Since ancient times was the symbol certifying that the pilgrims had completed their tour of the Way to pay tribute to the Holy Apostle.

How it originated recognition to Vieira de Santiago?

The origins of its use date back to the first pilgrimages to the pilgrimage route, to obtain the document proving the culmination of the pilgrimage was accorded she saw it was hung on the hat or tunic.

What does the Concha del Peregrino?

Much more than an acknowledgment, he was considered a tribute to the apostle by Pilgrim, for the blessings bestowed during his journey to the Holy Sepulcher. Pope Benedict XVI recognized the importance of this emblem, including it in the papal coat.

Meanings of Concha de Santiago

Today it is the symbol that best reflects the spirit of the pilgrimage to Santiago, It is therefore important that several of the sections in the different Jacobean routes are marked with a saw representative.

To this it is closely related to the shape of the footprint of Oca, signal as an initiation process. This is motivated because the Camino de Santiago is known as the "inner journey" that will lead us to encounter God, or with ourselves, in overcoming the attachment to material goods.

What is the legend told this saw?

Among the stories that revolve around the origin of the use of the Concha de Santiago as an icon among pilgrims to Santiago, the best known is set in Vigo. Harking back to the arrival of the disciples of St. James to Galicia.

Upon reaching the coast of Vigo they witnessed the celebration of a local wedding, which they were included. Typical activities, The game was a spear tackle in the air while riding a horse.

Then the miracle happened

By the turn of the groom, it was in search of the spear, but unluckily he fell into the sea with little chance of survival. after a while, the same raft moved the remains of the apostle emerges from the depths, showing a live boyfriend and his horse covered with scallops.

This story was one of the best known and popular traditional origins saw Santiago.

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