By Master Mateo at the request of the Lion King Ferdinand II, this impressive work is the facade of the east gate of the Cathedral of Santiago. consists of 3 They are showing arches around 200 figures appear to interact with each.

Figures have very vivid and expressive features that had not been shown at the time they were created. Mateo teacher took him 20 years to complete this work today continues to enthrall the thousands of pilgrims who arrive at the gates of the Cathedral after completing the Camino de Santiago.

Discover the message that keeps the Portico de la Gloria

Master Mateo was given the task to give meaning to his work, centering in an atmosphere of Revelation and salvation. Creating a series of symbols equivalent to Earth, Final Judgment and Glory. The he represented in the lower crypt, the three arches that form the portico and the grandstand located at the top.

How the Portico is divided?

It is composed of 3 arcos, all with their eardrums, columns and archivolts, a central column, canvases contrafachada, a vault and a lower pedestal.

  • The central arch shows a version of the heavenly Jerusalem apocalyptic, where Marcos is appreciated, writing his gospel on a lion, Lucas on a bull and John on an eagle, but Mateo place it with a box to collect taxes.
  • The apostle James presides over the mullion with a tree of Jesse to review the genealogy of Christ; and the foundation that runs the porch are review of a passage from the book of Daniel. In addition, You can view a statue of Master Mateo knees.
  • The side walls of the porch are a representation of the Jewish people in the Old Testament, to the left side. While the right side is represented by the Gentiles and the New Testament.

You can visit the Portico de la Gloria

If you ever wondered if it's hard to take a tour, The truth is yes, but you must take into account some regulations on the basis of the restorations made to this iconic work.

The portal of the Cathedral of Santiago offers guided visits the Portico de la Gloria at an affordable price. If you've done the Camino de Santiago and want to spend some time to know the city, do not hesitate to admire this important icon of architecture from different eras.

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