Tips for planning your Camino de Santiago


The experience of traveling the road to Santiago is extraordinary. The history surrounding each of the routes, the breathtaking views and the unique opportunity of a spiritual reunion are some of the reasons for the decision to join this wonderful adventure.

Nevertheless, so you can make the most, it is extremely important to plan ahead every aspect of your trip. This way you can relax and assimilate the experiences without any worries. If you do not know where to start planning, do not worry, in this note we tell you everything you need to know.

Reasons for the Road

The first thing to determine are the reasons that lead you to make this magical journey, because according to the purpose you have, planning the trip could vary.

  • religious reasons: If your motivation to do this tour is religion, and wish joining pilgrims centuries of tradition, you should opt for Compostela, In addition to certifying that your journey, will allow you to have access to public shelters.

Likewise, is ideal you can catch up on the main sites of interest to pilgrims, and typical traditions and rituals.

  • Tourism and Culture: The different routes of the Way are full of stunning scenery and cultural sites that attract people from around the world. If this is your purpose, You can take your time to tour the monuments and rest in locations that appeal to your attention.
  • Sport: Many people come to the path because of the physical effort involved through the different routes, walk or bike, It is an excellent path to test the performance and fitness.

Preparation before traveling

Once you are clear about the purpose for which will cross the road, You can start planning your trip in the most appropriate way. Depending on the reason for your trip, you will set the time that you have, the budget and the most convenient route for you.

Looking for the most appropriate route for your purposes, He considers that some roads have a much greater level of difficulty than others, and that steps are longer, so you need more time to cross.

Equally, it is important that you can plan ahead the places you'll go, Whether you're a tourist, pilgrim or sportsman. You must investigate and make appropriate reservations resting places. Choose between public or private shelters, hostels or luxury hotels for your rest.

The Camino de Santiago holds a valuable lesson of life for all those who decide to go their routes, regardless of the reason. Nevertheless, your preparation before the trip will play a key role so that manage to fully enjoy and not have to worry about solving situations that arise.

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