What you need to know about Caldo Gallego


Caldo Gallego is among the most popular dishes by pilgrims, especially those who have faced the low temperatures of the frigid fall or winter hours. Actualmente, It is one of the dishes of Galician cuisine that has transcended the Spanish territory.

Fame behind this iconic shows of Galician cuisine is that it is easy to prepare, so you need few ingredients to make. It has a peculiar taste, a high power to restore energy and is excellent heat source for the body after a long day of hiking.

Caldo Gallego culture on the Camino de Santiago

This is one of the favorite meals for farm workers, more popular among village communities that live in the French Way to cope with low temperatures.

This dish is ideal for providing a supply of nutrients and warmth to the body after a long day of work requiring physical effort. It is served in a bowl or bowl of live mud pot, so it gets very hot.

It is a dish with historical references

This plate has historical reference of known figures, both the Spanish royals, writers like gastronomic experts. Giving sample that is adaptable to different ingredients dish.

What you are needed to make a Galician broth?

To start you need to make the following ingredients:

  • Two pieces of Chorizo
  • 65 g of lard
  • 200 g or beef brisket
  • 4 potatoes
  • 250 gr white beans
  • 300 g the berzas
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil

All ready? Prepare a broth Gallego

  1. The day before you think make the Caldo Gallego, you should soak the beans, This will help soften quickly and can make the broth in less time.
  2. To start with drain well prepared beans, then in a large pot adds about 5 liters of water. Now pour the beans, the fat, meat and sausage in water. Light the fire medium and keeping it expects the foam begins to sprout.
  3. Foam leave the broth must withdraw, so you must be careful. Meanwhile sees peeling the potatoes and cut into cubes, these will be added in the last minutes of cooking. When you add the potatoes you must remove the meat from the broth.
  4. Now minced into pieces to put vegetables in broth, these must be incorporated after potatoes. Para finalizar, It will cut the meat into small pieces to return to toss into the mix.

It only remains to mix well so that the flavors merge and emerge that peculiar and appealing flavor of this broth so characteristic, attractive and delicious Galician cuisine. The Galician soup is a culinary experience you must try on the Camino de Santiago.

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