How should your power while you carry out the Pilgrim?

El Camino is a great effort for the pilgrim for days (o incluso semanas y meses). To stay strong and full of energy along the pilgrimage is vital to pay attention to food.

¿Cómo alimentarse para mantenerse en plena forma durante toda la jornada?

A key requirement is to look the way and doses ingested food.

During the day, is therefore better to use a light food.

At the end of each stage is the best time to do the most important and abundant meal of the day. So, prevent the pilgrim walk on a full stomach.
Son muchos los beneficios de empezar el día con un buen desayuno: this food represents between 20 and a 25% caloric intake of the day. The pilgrim must breakfast calmly and watch how much food you eat to avoid empacharse before each stage.

What ingredients contains a healthy breakfast?
In this link You shall obtain all the information to get your breakfast as complete and healthy.




The importance of breaks

It is advisable to take a snack every three hours. The pilgrim should drink water and solids with carbohydrates.
The energy food as a chocolate, some dried fruits or a lump of sugar to certain times of weakness be of great help to regain strength quickly.

Care should be taken when eating undercooked fish and meat because they can cause poisoning which greatly affect the scheduled stage.

It is important not expect to have but avoid drinking and drinking plenty of water hit. Ideally, to avoid dehydration is to dose the liquid.

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