Feeding on the Way What should I know?

The Camino de Santiago is an experience that will certainly change your life. Not only because it is a spiritual pilgrimage, but also you will find beautiful scenery and amazing architectural gems along the different peoples of each of the stages.

This pilgrimage is also a physical challenge, and you have to do long hours of daily walk to go through the various stages. That is why good planning becomes essential when telling you to do the tour. Locker room, emergency kit, places to visit, hours of stops and food are some of the most important elements to keep in mind.

Breakfast, Abundant controlled ¿?

This is a common question that everyone do when planning your trip, and is that while some consider it best to consume a full and hearty breakfast to start the day with energy, others suggest a more lightweight. And it is that not everyone can consume large amounts of food early in the morning.

It is recommended that you can make a balanced breakfast, you supply enough nutrients, but without being excessive. Some suggestions are:

  • A glass of fresh fruit juice, yogurt, cheese and cereal bar
  • Three toast, some sliced ​​turkey and a handful of nuts
  • Toast with fruit jam, coffee and biscuits

For lunch, Do not miss the Pilgrim menu

With respect to lunch you find yourself with several options, you can carry in your backpack some foods, although they can not be a complete meal by weight, will provide the nutrients needed to continue. Por otro lado, along the way you'll find a variety of restaurants and places to eat.

The best choice you can make is to choose the menu offered by Pilgrim hostels, lodging and restaurants, besides being extremely economical it gives you everything you need for your journey, while you taste the delicious dishes of the area.

Dinner for recharge

After the walk the day, nothing better to refuel a full dinner, preferably with pasta and vegetable rich protein.

What you can not miss

It is important that you stay hydrated all the way and consume at least a small snack every two hours in order to replenish the energy spent. These are some of the foods that can not miss in your backpack:

  • fruits
  • Energy bars
  • Chocolates
  • Nuts
  • Snacking

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