Around the different routes that go to Santiago de Compostela, There is a surprising amount of myths, legends and stories that are part of the tradition of the Way. Many of them come from behind for centuries and have been repeated from generation to generation in order to preserve the culture of the Way.

One of these legends are an essential part of the Path, especially in the Navarran town of Nájera, place took place. While, some details remain uncertain because the story has been told for so long, Legend has generally maintained on the same basis.

The challenge of the giant Ferragut

Legend has it that Ferragut was a Muslim giant of Syrian origin, Mr. del Castillo Najera, who he was known for his unmatched strength and amazing abilities for battle, this combination was that made him virtually indestructible.

Por otro lado, a Frank gentleman named Roldán walked with his Christian knights to the city of Santiago de Compostela in order to complete their pilgrimage, when they were challenged to a battle Ferragut.

Roldan immediately accepted, and both they engaged in a fierce battle, even the Knights of Roldán participated, without achieving even hurt the giant. The strength and experience made Ferragut could not fend off attacks.

alternate versions

It is just at this point that both sides appear in history, but always with the same end, the defeat and murder at the hands of giant Roldán.

One of the versions that Ferragut saw the aplomb of Roldán offered to spare his life if he decided to give up the battle, what the gentleman flatly refused. After two days of battle without truce, the giant fell asleep exhausted on Roldan, who upon discovering that the only vulnerable point of his enemy was the navel, He took a knife and stabbed, propiciándole death.

The other version says that after a long battle, both sides decided to take a truce, and in a moment of camaraderie, Ferragut Roldan confessed his weakness was in the navel. After the truce and resumed fighting, Roldán recalled confession giant, and he took the time to stick a dagger and kill him.

This legend has taken on such importance on the road in the Palacio de los Reyes de Navarra You can find a capital in which this struggle is represented. If you have interested in this story, during your visit you'll love listening to different legends that add richness to Camino.

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