It's one of the representative symbols of the Camino de Santiago, and its importance is almost proportional to its size. It is a large censer, Despite reaching an approximate 50 kilos and reaches a height of 1,50 meters.

It is usually offered as a welcome for pilgrims during Mass to honor them. After, it begins with the reading of the names of the pilgrims who have completed the Way and have gone through the pilgrim office in 24 hours before the Mass.

What is the appeal of Botafumeiro?

Part from the central dome of Santo Complex, and rises 20 meters above the heads of worshipers and pilgrims. Reaches speeds 70 km per hour and is driven by a pulley system operated by a group of 8 men known as "tiraboleiros".

Curious story behind the censer

The main function of this great evil lessen censer was motivated by the crush of pilgrims during the Middle Ages smell. At that time the temple had no opening or closing hours, It is used by the ancient pilgrims as a shelter after his arrival in the Cathedral.

What are the days you can enjoy the Botafumeiro?

We leave a list of the days in which this attractive symbol of the Camino de Santiago is in operation. a ceremony is usually conducted in the usual Mass Pilgrim, but if you get to the Galician capital on the following dates you can possibly see:

  • 6 from January: Being date of the Epiphany
  • During Easter Sunday
  • On the date of Ascension


  • 23 of May: When the appearance of the apostle and the Celebration of the Battle of Clavijo is commemorated
  • 25 of July: Apostle Martyrdom Day
  • 15 of August: Celebration of Assumption of Mary
  • 1 of November: On the Day of All Saints

Feast of Christ the King

  • 8 from December: To commemorate the Immaculate Conception
  • 25 from December: Christmas date
  • 30 of November: Transfer the apostle

How to do if I can not come at this time?

Should not count on the availability of one of these days to enjoy the Botafumeiro. You can organize a group to engage the services, provided they have the amount of money they ask will enjoy this event, the average cost is 300 euros.

The Botafumeiro is one of the symbols reflected in the Codex Calixtinus, so it is closely related to the traditions of the Way. It is a sight to see after completing the pilgrimage to the Cathedral of Santiago.

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