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Collecting stamps is one of the requirements to qualify for the prized Compostelana, granted recognition after completing the tour of the Camino de Santiago.

A pilgrim has taken the task of collecting different stamps, inspired by the cultural diversity behind them. It has created a portal which collects, not only seals, but stories about their origin, meaning and where to get it.

A portal to share your travel log

Seals keep curiosities about the Way for the variety of places where you can get, places are usually referring to the town, particular symbolic, Road personalities, entre otros.

Some are simple designs to more complex, always with its characteristic rudimentary touch. the pilgrim,,es,reaches the end of its Way Two weeks ago,,es,This time the lucky people to receive ..,,es, angel Marcos, invites those stamp collectors to share their credentials in order to have a digital bank seals road www.lossellosdelcamino.com

What information does this website?

Most stamps are issued in travel agency Camino de Santiago, serving as an appetizer information on the location or site from which the seal. The author's intention is to help dispel the doubts that may arise on the path you choose.

Thanks to these seals, page functions as a guide doing a little easier the task of finding where to make the seal. It has established full paths of the Camino de Santiago and its different variants.

Stamp catalog

It is very serious when invited to share your experience through your credential, especially if you have some to only consider. Helping to expand further information on activity in the different routes of the Camino de Santiago.

In addition, You can view the different stamps cataloged, so far are more than 2000 which they have been cataloged. All are organized by category so that it is easier to find.

Community Partners

The same page has a network of partners which add those who consider curious, sharing the experience to reach it and the information behind it. The idea is to create a network of pilgrims who provide much information as possible about the Camino de Santiago.

complete guide

For the same information network, created around the collection of different seals, It has created a dynamic guide to the different routes of the Camino de Santiago. Establishing valuable and complementary information Road in the Spanish territory, French and Portuguese.

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