Good pilgrim and its commitments to the Camino de Santiago

buen_peregrino_camino_de_santiago Tradition is one of the main engines motivates make the pilgrimage to the city of Santiago de Compostela through the Way. Por ello, Camino identity is based on its origins and traditions, They are encouraging the good pilgrim to continue them and share them with the new generations. The rise of the Camino de Santiago has promoted the preservation of the values ​​conveyed, incentives to comply with the responsibilities to be a good pilgrim route Xacobea.

Protect the essence of the Way

Before starting your trip, you must take awareness that the purpose of the trip is to know the experience that provides the Way, whether spiritual or personal.

The Camino de Santiago is a route network

One of the requirements necessary to prove the experience of the Camino de Santiago is the last meet 100 km Travel, concentrating dozens of visitors on the busiest locations in major traditions dates. The months between Easter to ended September days, many pilgrims gather in search of an experience of the moment, instead of living traditions, such as those that live in different localities of the French Way.

That time is not a limit

If you do not have enough time, avoid crowded places especially in the most popular areas of the route of the French Way. This route converges 10 official routes where you can enjoy the same hand experience of other towns in the area.

Traditional humility of Camino

Shelters and refuges for pilgrims are the best example of humility. They are at your disposal to provide space and provide services without asking anything in return, as good pilgrim, nothing but a collaboration on your part will help the site keep it running.

Helping others

The monks who made the pilgrimage to the city where lies the apostle James, They did nothing but goodwill. They reciprocated with services to individuals or to the community for the shelter given. PROVEAS help you as good pilgrim, lend a hand to the needy and to support other pilgrims, either on the road or in a shelter, you will be rewarded through the same experience.

Take care of the road

Por último, as good pilgrim, we must emphasize the preservation of natural and cultural sites along the routes of the Camino de Santiago. Motivating make a healthy Way, es decir, pick up trash and place it in the sites due to its very best to remain alive for much longer.

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