This cheese is one of the copies of gastronomy that you find during your journey on the Camino de Santiago. It is rated "Gallego quality product" and its origin will be cataloged by Designation of Origin.

Although it is popularly known as cheese tetilla, this work of Galician cuisine comes from the Province of Arzúa, and it is produced using traditional cow's milk natural.

Why it is so well known cheese Arzúa?

This cheese has been shown to gustatory and energy renewal for pilgrims on the pilgrimage route. The Arzúa-Ulloa region is known as the district of cheeses, and the places that make him are known to do "Cheese Festival" in honor of this dish.

It is one of the great treats you must try before you get to the Cathedral of Santiago, the town of Arzúa is among the last stages before reaching city.

Discover the properties of cheese Arzúa

The craftsmanship of this exquisite cheese Arzúa does show its benefits to the body, It is also a food rich in phosphorus and calcium, strengtheners large bones and energizer for the body naturally.

It has a high amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are well received by the agency. If you make the Camino de Santiago, you can find it more easily in the last stretch of the French Way.

How Arzua cheese is presented to the public?

This cheese is practically known as the Queixo Do Country, It is yellowish cut but creamy texture, elastic and if holes. Its bark is yellowish and clean surface with wax appearance, It is cylindrical in shape and sold in portions of approximately 500 gr, 1 o 1,5 kg.

You are invited to the Cheese Festival

The towns of Arzúa and neighboring perform a show in tribute to this iconic cheese, performing cultural activities for all age groups.

It is 2019 They have dedicated a website to keep you more informed of the dates and proposals for this year. If you go late, to lose heart, because if you're close to reaching Santiago by the French Way, you can delight in this excellent example of Galician gastronomic culture.

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