You may have heard of reflection Johann Wolfgang von Goethe on the Camino de Santiago, placing the pilgrimage route as the cradle of Europe through the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

The influence given by the Way to the European continent can be seen along the romerías, nascent opening gaps to create exploration pilgrimage to different ends of the continent. Because culture from the Way, the Council of Europe declared European Cultural Itinerary 1987.

When the influence of the pilgrimage begins in Europe?

Goethe emphasizes pilgrimages located in X century, where the first routes recorded from places beyond the Pyrenees in order to reach pay tribute to the Holy Apostle.

This group of pilgrims not only came from different corners, but were also from different social levels of the day. This mixture of interests motivated by the pilgrimage made traders and merchants and artisans to settle for commercial purposes, Partly inspired by the pilgrim support.

cultural exchange

As the influx of pilgrims was increasing, interest grew in economic and cultural exchanges between pilgrims and people who were now living in different locations on the network who happened to route the Camino de Santiago.

The exchange of knowledge between pilgrims and local people were the basis for many of the traditions that remain on the pilgrimage route to today. Promoting the values ​​of Camino.

The importance of the influx of pilgrims

To the extent that St. James's Way It stood as one of the main roads interconnecting the European continent, He showed a vital interest in the kings of the time. And now offers privileges and protection to those who performed the pilgrimage.

Support submitted by the kings to the pilgrims who came to their lands were both enjoyment, and penance.

Among the privileges offered they are what is known today, and accommodation services through shelters, places of welcome for pilgrims. All it has done in order to keep the tradition alive Peregrina, beyond the financial reward.

This is the oldest pilgrimages that you have documentation, so all the tradition that was born by the different paths of the pilgrimage route, It has great influence on the way experiences. Both are a result of the influx of pilgrims who have traveled routes from ancient times.

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