One of the most rewarding experiences you can have is on the Road to Santiago, the pilgrimage to Compostela is one of the oldest traditions that exist.

You may already know some interesting details about the Camino, Nevertheless, there are many others that you will like to know, So in this article we will show you some interesting facts about this tour.

The road to Santiago, It is one of the oldest pilgrimage routes

En el año 812 It was discovered the tomb of Santiago El Mayor during the reign of Alfonso II, who convinced by Bishop Teodomiro was a participant of the first pilgrimage to the place of discovery.

The number of pilgrims continues to climb

The pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela has had ups and downs over time, but in the past decades it has shown a considerable increase, registering only in September 2018 number of 47.006 pilgrims unlike last year were 42.189.

On the Camino de Santiago all are welcome

Pilgrim's profile shows no preference between men and women, It is ideal for anyone regardless of age, fitness and religion. The wide variety of routes, stages and ways of doing the tour allow anyone who is properly prepared to enjoy this enriching experience.

Each pilgrim can make your journey as you prefer

The traditional way of every pilgrim is on foot, It is the most popular choice among them. Nevertheless, there are cases, as bicigrinos, pilgrims on the road bike or even on horseback.

You can obtain the Compostela

The Compostela is the recognition gained after traveling the Way. This document certifies the pilgrim have ended the way. Nevertheless, to obtain it is important to be aware of the requirements, the main thing is to have the credential Pilgrim, coleccionarás where the seals obtained in different parts of the routes. The minimum requirement is two seals per day.

Equally, you must meet a minimum distance 100 km per day if you are on foot and 200 km if you do the bike ride or horse.

Routes filled with breathtaking scenery

Each of the routes leading to Santiago de Compostela is made up of incredible and beautiful landscapes, natural and architectural, that make this a truly unforgettable experience.

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